Transportation EngineeringAt Ozaanaman Engineering, we provide complete engineering services for road improvements, new road construction and highway maintenance systems. We manage all aspects of highway engineering projects, including consulting, researching and planning, designing, and building.

Ozaanaman Engineering can provide clients with feasibility studies that outline the scope of the project, summarizing preferred routes, possible alternatives, assumptions, any environmental and social considerations, economic justification, as well as interim and final reports.

With every project, extensive research and planning are key. Ozaanaman Engineering has the expertise to manage and coordinate large teams of industry professionals, incorporating multiple disciplines. Noise and air quality, landscaping, structural design, drainage, and geotechnical appraisals are all aspects we take into consideration.

Service Listing

Road Study (Preliminary Design) Phase I

  • Assembly of all pertinent data
  • Meet with residents (if applicable) and Project Team representatives
  • Perform a detailed field review and assessment of the roadway
  • Perform a detailed assessment of existing culverts and drainage facilities
  • Complete engineering field surveys and plans preparation
  • Complete preliminary geotechnical investigations
  • Preparation of applicable design criteria
  • Develop alternatives/recommendations for roadway improvements
  • Perform Class C estimates for improvements
  • Provide recommended staging plans
  • Prepare Road Study Report detailing findings and recommendations
  • Present recommendations to residents (if applicable) and Project Team
  • Update Road Study Report based on comments

Road Study Detail Design Phase II

  • Undertake additional surveys/geotechnical/environmental investigations
  • Identify all applicable stakeholders and agencies
  • Complete required environmental documentation
  • Assess existing and new aggregate sources for suitability
  • Develop detailed drainage improvements such as ditching and culvert replacements
  • Complete detailed plans and drawings for 66% and 99% review
  • Provide detailed Class B Cost Estimates for 66% and 99% review
  • Prepare an Interim and Draft Final Report for 66% and 99% review
  • Prepare Final Tender Package(s) and Final Report with Class A cost estimate

Highway Engineering and Contract Preparation

  • Total Project Management
  • Engineering Surveys and Plan Preparation
  • Roadway Investigations
  • Traffic Investigations
  • Traffic Impact Assessments
  • Guiderail Evaluation and Design
  • Eccentric Loader Quality Certification
  • Intersection Design
  • Auxiliary Lane Design
  • Roadway Cross-section Design
  • Roadway Drainage Design
  • Automated Quantity Calculations
  • Specification Development
  • Contract Preparation
  • Contract Tendering
  • Land Development Desktop – Plan Design
  • Autocad Drafting – Plans and Typical Drawings

Pavement Engineering

  • Truck Mounted Drill Rigs
  • Solid Stem (Kelly Bar) Augers
  • Horizontal-Vertical Drilling Capabilities
  • 200mm to 600mm diameter holes up to 6m depth
  • Hand Auger (PEDO) Drilling Services
  • Material Classification and Sampling
  • PEDO Sketches – Frost Heaves and Erosion Areas
  •  Drainage Evaluation and Design
  • Pavement Surface Evaluation and Ride Rating
  • Pavement Management Alternatives
  • Pavement Design – Life Cycle Costing of Alternatives
  • Pavement Treatment Recommendations
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
  • Foundation Engineering

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